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English shoe brand Dr. Martens is iconic for virtually all youth subcultures.

Originally medical boots, the work of the Bavarian Wehrmacht doctor Klaus Maertens (later English for Martens) and Dr. Herbert Funck, which were primarily used to treat Maertens' ski injury, they were first "discovered" by the first skinheads in the 1960s in England. "Martensky" is the origin of work boots and at that time it was a normal part of the work uniform of an English worker (skinheads have been a workers' movement from the beginning). Due to the fortress and the chained tip, they became a popular weapon in street battles and at one time were even banned in football stadiums and some pubs. A little later, they became popular with punks, rockers, bikers, and in the end, everyone who indulged in hardcore rebellion.

The main features of "martensek" are usually a rubber sole with yellow stitching (absorbs shocks when walking) and the height of the shoe from three to twenty holes. This model is popularly copied by many other manufacturers, but it is generally believed that none of them reach the quality of Dr. Martens. In addition, other models of footwear from this brand can be purchased, such as sandals, slippers and sneakers. Previously, they were produced only in England, later in China or Thailand. 

The iconic Dr. Martens is also famous for the following stars: Elton John, Madonna, Paul McCartney or the groups Depeche Mode, Jethro Tull, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

Shoe Care Martens:

1. before the first use, treat the shoes with a balm for leather shoes (eg beeswax - Dr. Martens shoe wax can be purchased from our store)

2. After each use, wipe the shoes with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt that may dry out and leave marks on the skin.

3. Clean your shoes thoroughly every three months, or more often if they are dirty. Remove the laces - these can be washed by hand in washing powder. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the entire outer surface of the shoe with a skin cleaner. Clean the seams and the rubber sole around the bushings with a soft toothbrush with a cloth cleaner. Wipe shoe cleaners thoroughly with a clean soft damp cloth. Let the shoes dry in a dry, well-ventilated place for at least two days! After that, treat the shoes with a quality skin balm - work the balm into the skin with your hands or a soft cloth and leave it on the shoe overnight. After that, polish the shoe with a dry soft cloth - do not use brushes or other means that could scratch the surface of the shoe. Before use, the shoes must be sufficiently dried and treated with balm! 

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Green

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